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Murders occur in which the victims are initially thought to be albinos, but when the body count reaches four, it seems evident something else is happening and gets the attention of Fringe Division. Blood at one such scene is traced to a strange, pale baby hypersensitive to light who supposedly died four days after his birth in 1989, but U-gene (for Unknown) Bryant almost certainly survived and came to the attention of the body that later became Massive Dynamic, where he became the subject of intensive experiments. Walter demonstrates that UV light can reveal an otherwise invisible mouse. He theorizes that an invisible U-gene is absorbing the victims’ pigments in an attempt to become normal. He’s going to need a lot of pigment, so more bodies are expected, but in doing so, he is unwittingly altering his genetic makeup in a way which will ultimately be suicidal. Armed with UV lights, the Fringe team raid the apartment where the deaths have occurred. In a confrontation with Olivia, she …

  • Director: Anthony Hemingway
  • Cast: Anna Torv | Joshua Jackson | Lance Reddick
  • Rating (IMDB): 7.9
  • Today: 41 Views
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