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Watch Sons of Anarchy s.4 ep.13 (To Be, Act 1) Online

Due to Otto’s testimony, Bobby is arrested. Opie storms the clubhouse, shooting Clay, but is unable to kill him before Jax intervenes. Jax tells the Sons that 9ers were responsible, and Tig, blaming himself for not being there to stop the shooting, decides to exact revenge against Laroy, but things go horribly wrong. Juice gives Potter the information on the Galindo/Irish Kings meet. Tara remains convinced Jax won’t leave SAMCRO. Gemma tells Tara that Clay killed Piney and ordered the hit on her in his desperation to stop the contents of the letters coming out, and Tara agrees to give them to her. Lenny tells Jax about Otto’s deal with Potter, prompting Jax to suggest to Romeo they postpone the Real IRA meet. However, Romeo assures Jax that Otto has not flipped and there is no federal investigation into SAMCRO.

  • Director: Kurt Sutter
  • Cast: Charlie Hunnam | Katey Sagal | Mark Boone Junior
  • Rating (IMDB): 9.1
  • Today: 45 Views
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