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While Finch and Root keep Shaw confined for their collective safeties, Reese deals with their next number. However, he quickly learns that Samaritan has taken over handling not only this situation, which it does with its own form of vigilante justice, but of all other potentially violent or deadly situations in New York City. Despite it doing so to show the Machine its power, Samaritan’s actions raises the discussion among Finch, Root and Shaw if what it is actually doing and can do is a good thing. However, that discussion is quelled by what Samaritan decides to do next. The team ultimately learns that Samaritan’s actions are primarily to bring the Machine out into the open, specifically for the two to convene for a summit. Finch as the Machine’s creator and Root as the one who speaks directly to the Machine are the two who have the most say as to what the Machine will do besides the Machine herself in this situation.

  • Director: Michael Offer
  • Cast: Jim Caviezel | Kevin Chapman | Amy Acker
  • Rating (IMDB): 9.4
  • Today: 63 Views
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