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Watch The Big Bang Theory s.11 ep.11 (The Celebration Reverberation) Online

Raj and Howard are still on the outs with each other. It’s a difficult time for both not to be friends as it’s Halley’s first birthday, Raj who is her godfather. Although Howard didn’t have any intention of doing anything big for Halley’s birthday, Bernadette convinces, or more precisely, forces him to throw a big party for her, which Howard has to arrange on his own seeing as to Bernadette’s health situation. With the big day and thus party looming, is there anything Raj and Howard can do to overcome their problems without any ulterior motives in extending an olive branch? It’s also Amy’s birthday. Above and beyond their annual coitus, Sheldon wants to do something special for her, namely to throw her an authentic Little House on the Prairie (1974) weekend starting with an authentic dinner to the time. They will find that there are good reasons to move on from the time period. And Leonard and Penny receive the annual Christmas letter from Leonard’s overachieving brother extolling all…

  • Director: Mark Cendrowski
  • Cast: Johnny Galecki | Jim Parsons | Kaley Cuoco
  • Rating (IMDB): 7.1
  • Today: 46 Views
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