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Watch The Big Bang Theory s.4 ep.15 (The Benefactor Factor) Online

The university’s President Siebert orders the guys to attend a fundraising party. Leonard, Howard and Raj are more than happy to go for the free food and drinks and the promise of a few pretty girls in attendance. Sheldon, however, refuses, believing such fundraising practices demeaning. Amy makes Sheldon reconsider by telling him that his future research funding is dependent upon others, such as Leonard and Raj, making a credible argument to the donors on his behalf. At the party, the guys come across wealthy Mrs. Latham, a formidable older woman who they later learn enjoys making smart people feel ill at ease – which she did with Leonard, Howard and Raj – just for the fun of it. Believing he made a terrible impression, Leonard is surprised to learn that Mrs. Latham wants to speak to him further about his research. But that’s not all Mrs. Latham wants from Leonard.

  • Director: Mark Cendrowski
  • Cast: Johnny Galecki | Jim Parsons | Kaley Cuoco
  • Rating (IMDB): 7.9
  • Today: 48 Views
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