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Watch Fringe s.3 ep.7 (The Abducted) Online

In the parallel universe, a kidnapper called The Candy Man abducts the boy Max. The Fringe Division is assigned to investigate the case and soon Olivia learns that Broyles’ son Christopher was also abducted two years ago and returned blind and with physical deficiencies to his family. She asks Broyles to interview Christopher to see any missing information but Broyles does not accept; however his wife agrees that Olivia meets Christopher. Olivia recalls an old case and guess whether The Candy Man would be draining the pituitary gland from the children to use the hormones to stay young. Based on the received information, Olivia and Broyles meet Reverend Marcus, who was a former physician and now is responsible for a church where they believe the abductor is a member. Meanwhile Olivia meets Henry and asks him to help her to go to the Liberty Island to use the deprivation tank to return to her universe.

  • Director: Chuck Russell
  • Cast: Anna Torv | Joshua Jackson | Lance Reddick
  • Rating (IMDB): 8.7
  • Today: 56 Views
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