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Watch Law & Order: Special Victims Unit s.4 ep.24 (Perfect) Online

After exchanging shots with armed-robbery suspects fleeing down a dark alley, the police discover a dead fourteen year old black female with a bullet in her skull. Autopsy reveals that she was dead hours before being accidentally shot. This case, which started out weird, becomes weirder at every turn. The dead girl, Samantha, who died from dehydration-starvation, was covered in filth and cockroach bites, but had nice ribbons in her hair, covered with a nice blanket, wearing a necklace sporting an infinity symbol worth almost a grand, and pregnant using a fertilization process that caused her to release many eggs at one time. Using the custom-made jewelry, SVU Detectives back-trace it to a Doctor Lang, and his non-profit organization Lang-Foy (Fountain of Youth). Several other teen-age runaways are discovered along with a chilling secret about Dr. Lang, his employees, and his organization.

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