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Burrell reluctantly sides with Daniels in the disagreement with Rawls, giving the detail more time to make a case against Avon, despite his fears the operation is beginning to sprawl. McNulty and Pearlman present the detail’s findings to Phelan, who signs an affidavit for a further thirty days of electronic surveillance. Using information from the wiretap on the pit phones, the detail catch a runner on his way to the pit with a re-up. However, they elect not to arrest the driver, Anton “Stinkum” Artis, so as to avoid giving up their evidence in the charging documents. Stinkum’s apparent free pass from the police convinces Avon and Stringer that their operation has been penetrated, and Stringer introduces a new set of operating procedures. Rawls gives Det. Michael Santangelo a choice; acquire information that he can use against McNulty or solve some of the department’s open homicides, whilst the owner of Avon’s strip club, Wendell “Orlando” Blocker, has a proposal for D’Angelo. …

  • Director: Joe Chappelle
  • Cast: Dominic West | John Doman | Idris Elba
  • Rating (IMDB): 8.4
  • Today: 47 Views
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