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Watch Hawaii Five-0 s.6 ep.20 (Ka Haunaele) Online

The day begins with an elephant running on the street, they learn that it was from the circus and someone let it out. Before they can look into further, they are told that there was a murder at an import export company. Jerry tells them he thinks the company is a front for a government contractor. When they get there they find all sorts of security and the CEO makes them sign a confidentiality agreement before he tells them what it is all about. And what it is all about, is a new body Armour for the military, which was stolen. So they try to find out who else knew about it. In the meantime, Eric tells Jerry that he discovered who’s responsible for the elephant and it’s someone Jerry knows. Jerry asks him for some time to look into it. And Kono learns of Gabriel seeing Adam in prison. And she wonders what they talked about.

  • Director: Jerry Levine
  • Cast: Alex O'Loughlin | Scott Caan | Daniel Dae Kim
  • Rating (IMDB): 7.3
  • Today: 157 Views
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