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Watch The Vampire Diaries s.7 ep.4 (I Carry Your Heart with Me) Online

On Halloween, Stefan and Damon desperately hide Oscar’s corpse, as his death disables their exchange plan with Lily, who released Caroline to Enzo’s delighted relief. They turn for his resuscitation to Bonnie and Alaric, who admits having kept the Phoenix stone. However the sorcery ritual proves hard to crack while the heretic girls, Nora and Mary Louise come searching for the corpse, which is hid in the dorm. Lily instructs Nora and Mary Louise to kill a student at Whitmore College every hour unless Oscar is returned to her. So, Stefan and Bonnie team up to lure Nora and Mary Louise to Whitmore’s annual Heaven and Hell dance to keep an eye on the couple while Damon, Bonnie and Alaric try to resurrect Oscar using the Phoenix Stone. Also, Valerie confides in Enzo about killing Oscar in order to prevent him from detailing the whereabouts of Lily’s former lover, Julian, whom Valerie has a past with.

  • Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt
  • Cast: Paul Wesley | Ian Somerhalder | Kat Graham
  • Rating (IMDB): 8.5
  • Today: 62 Views
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