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Watch Limitless s.1 ep.22 (Finale: Part Two!!) Online

As his inoculation wears off, and with no further boosters forthcoming from the missing Senator Morra, Brian endures the nightmarish side effects of NZT usage in order to find Sands, his “Legion of Whom” team, and Piper (for whom he’s prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice). Deducing that the Legion needs lots of immediate cash, Brian and the bureau track down Clay Meeks and try to determine how the Legion’s objective can be reached through international politics, global warming and murder. All the while, as more people die, Brian’s condition worsens.

  • Director: Douglas Aarniokoski
  • Cast: Jake McDorman | Jennifer Carpenter | Hill Harper
  • Rating (IMDB): 8.4
  • Today: 76 Views
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