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When a Naval Seaman is found dead and in his possession is a case of grenades and one is missing. Later a man shows up claiming to have info about the man. When they check him out, they learn he was a former NCIS agent who was caught stealing evidence and the one who caught him was Vance. Vance refuses to entertain him but Gibbs wants to hear what he has to say. He says the Seaman went to a sports book and robbed the place. They go to check it out but the place was cleaned up. Vance suspects the guy is working them. Later he shows up beaten and says it was Vance who beat him up. Later the SecNav shows up and even though she believes Vance, she advises him to resign to avoid any bad press. Vance decides to get back into the field and work with Gibbs. .

  • Director: Dennis Smith
  • Cast: Mark Harmon | Michael Weatherly | Pauley Perrette
  • Rating (IMDB): 8.1
  • Today: 87 Views
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