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Watch Boardwalk Empire s.1 ep.3 (Broadway Limited) Online

When a witness turns up who can link Jimmy Darmody to the woods massacre, the Feds, led by the ruthless Van Alden. get the incriminating information from the dying witness before Eli can silence him. Nucky banishes Jimmy from Atlantic City, and Rothstein recruits Luciano to kill him in revenge. Nucky uses his influence to get Margaret a well-paying job in an upscale French dress shoppe on th Boardwalk, where she meets Lucy. Chalky demands that his cut of the bootleg liquor operation be raised from 35% to 50% after one of his cohorts is lynched by local KKK members, and Nucky agrees in order to avoid a protracted race war in an election year.

  • Director: Timothy Van Patten
  • Cast: Steve Buscemi | Michael Pitt | Kelly Macdonald
  • Rating (IMDB): 8.2
  • Today: 57 Views
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