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Watch Fringe s.5 ep.9 (Black Blotter) Online

Astrid awakes during the night with a signal from the radio brought from the pocket universe. She tries to decode the signal but Walter is tripping after dropping a black blotter acid and is incapable to help. The group contacts Anil to help to triangulate the signal and locate the source. Peter and Olivia go to the spot and find skeletons including one with the identity of Sam Weiss and conclude that he died protecting the transmission. Peter finds the location that is broadcasting the signal and he heads with Olivia, Walter and Astrid to an isolated house in an island. Will they find Donald?

  • Director: Tommy Gormley
  • Cast: Anna Torv | Joshua Jackson | Jasika Nicole
  • Rating (IMDB): 8.5
  • Today: 58 Views
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