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Convinced Clay was behind the burning of the porn warehouse, Jax decides he wants to transfer to the Nomad charter of the Sons, much to Piney’s disgust and Opie’s confusion. When Chibs is released from hospital, he makes an irate visit to Cameron and Edmond, demanding to know why the Real IRA are selling guns to Zobelle. However, he is unaware that ATF have them under surveillance. He is also shocked to learn Hayes’ superior, Jimmy O’Phelan, is in California to attempt to repair the IRA’s relationship with SAMCRO. Upon hearing their conversation, Stahl renews her efforts to get Jax to flip on the IRA. When he proves unwilling, she turns to Chibs, hoping to capitalise on his past antagonism with Jimmy. Meanwhile, the Sons stumble on an unexpected source of ammunition, Opie and Lyla take their relationship to the next level, Tara’s efforts to extend Chibs’ hospital stay land her in trouble with her boss, Margaret Murphy, and in a desperate effort to reconcile Jax and Clay, Gemma makes a…

  • Director: Paris Barclay
  • Cast: Charlie Hunnam | Katey Sagal | Mark Boone Junior
  • Rating (IMDB): 9.2
  • Today: 109 Views
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