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Watch Fringe s.5 ep.10 (Anomaly XB-6783746) Online

Walter, Olivia, Peter and Astrid do not succeed to contact Michael and they decide to ask for help to Nina Sharp at the Ministry of Science. She takes them to a secret laboratory that belonged to the Massive Dynamic and is used by the resistance to study Observers. However the software does not recognize his mind and the group leaves Michael with Nina while the go to a Ministry of Science facility to bring a second interface to let Michael read Walter’s mind. However Captain Windmark suspects of Nina and track her down. When he arrives at the laboratory, Nina hides Michael and when Windmark interrogates her, she commits suicide to protect her friends. When the Fringe group arrives, they find Michael and take him to the Harvard laboratory. Soon they learn who Donald is.

  • Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt
  • Cast: Anna Torv | Joshua Jackson | Jasika Nicole
  • Rating (IMDB): 9.0
  • Today: 66 Views
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