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Watch Law & Order: Special Victims Unit s.4 ep.6 (Angels) Online

The team is investigating the brutalized corpse of a nine year-old boy found in the luggage compartment of a city bus and are surprised to find another boy who is hiding out there. It seems that the two boys are linked. The boys are from Guatemala, the corpse is named Jose and the boy that was hiding is named Ernesto. They are part of an adoption program put together by a string of pedophiles who brings boys in from other countries, adopt them, and sell them as prostitutes. When one of the apparently ring leaders turns up dead, there are all kind of questions of who did it and why. Did Ernesto do it to protect Jose? This exposes the wider problem of this company, it’s members, and how freely it is able to falsify and manipulate the system in order to make money from these boys.

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